Mindset Dog Training

Changing your way of thinking to help your dog


” If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got ”

At Mindset dog training I want to help you change the way you think about dog training. A huge part of this is changing your feelings and emotions. 

A dog doesn’t do things to be malicious or spiteful they think in the moment. Its very easy to be negative when our dog is displaying behaviours we don’t like such as barking, jumping, pulling, chewing to name a few so we need to think about what’s going on for them.

Lets see it as a challenge!


What do we need to do to make our dogs lives more exciting and for them to want to engage with us more.

Can we be more interesting than whatever they are pulling us to find, or what they have run off in the distance to see.

What can we give them to chew that is acceptable to us.

At Mindset Dog Training I want to help you to build that relationship with your dog so you can live in harmony for many years to come.

Group Classes

Group Classes for Puppies & dogs

1-2-1 Training

Bespoke Private Training

Training Workshops

Group Workshops for Puppies & Dogs

Canine Hoopers

Fun for All!


Canine hoopers is a low impact and gentle sport, making it suitable for dogs of all ages, fitness levels, abilities and breeds. This fun low impact sport is based on a course of hoops, barrels and tunnels which flow and includes no twists or sudden stops


Puppies, graduate through to intermediate classes for dogs and puppies in & around Crawley at various locations


Loose Lead, Recall, Emergency Stop Training workshops are great to focus on key areas of training, and do not require weekly commitment to classes.


Sometimes a group class isn’t always practical. Busy lifestyles can make juggling fixed times nearly impossible. Sometimes your dog just isn’t ready to join a group class and we may need to do some training work to overcome any issues that have previously stopped you attending. Or maybe you have just given a forever home to a rescue and need help to make the transition into your home easier.

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Qualified, Force Free Training

In Crawley & Surrounding areas


Jemma Barnes
Jemma Barnes
Clair was really warm and welcoming. We chose her as she has her own big dogs so felt she would be good for our big boy. He loved her and was fab doing her 4 week course. Highly recommended!
Abbey Bushell
Abbey Bushell
An amazing lady that’s Amazing at what she does.
Dee Hanley
Dee Hanley
I had a fantastic experience with my pup at the training classes. Clair is friendly, knowledgeable and the training is easy to follow. Continuing the training at home was simple thanks to the easy steps Clair uses. I would recommend mindset dog training to everyone