Puppy Home Start

Are you considering getting a new puppy but not sure which breed will suit you and your family?
Are you waiting to collect your new puppy but not sure how to get prepared?
Do you already have your new pup and feel overwhelmed with where to start?
Crate training/ Settling in
Leaving puppy at home alone
Socialisation and building optimism
This Is for You !

This course is personalised to your requirements, I will help to create a puppy friendly home, guiding you through the craziness of the first few weeks of settling in and training to help your puppy become confident and ready for the outside world.

Each week I will help you and advise you with sleeping, toileting, teething (puppies are little land sharks), socialisation, leaving puppy alone and games to play to really get puppy engaged with you and wanting to learn.

You will also receive a copy of Steve Mann's Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy Book

🐾 By starting at home before puppies have been fully vaccinated, we start laying the foundations for a strong bond and positive learning experience. 🐾